What’s In Season


Variety Available Season Taste
Gravenstein February Sensational tart, tangy flavor
Royal Gala March – November Very sweet flavour
Elstar March – June Tart, tangy, juicy flesh
Jonathan March – August Crisp, juicy flesh and tangy flavour
Golden Delicious March – November Crisp, creamy, white flesh, which is sweet, tasty and juicy.
Red Delicious March – November Sweet, highly aromatic, creamy, white flesh.
Fuji April – November Honey sweet taste, It is firm-textured, crisp and juicy with an extremely dense flash.
Granny Smith April – November Sensational tart, tangy flavor
Pink Lady March – August Firm, sweet, crisp, juicy flesh
Snow Apple (Fameuse) March Bright white soft flesh, with a sweet flavor


 TPF apple packaging reverse side 7 203x300 Whats In Season


Variety Available Season Taste
Bosc March – August White, buttery flesh, robust brown skin,  juicy and aromatic
William March – May Their flesh is sweet and soft


Bunch pears for TPF label 217x300 Whats In Season


Variety Available Season Taste
Sweet Cherries December – January Juicy and sweet



Variety Available Season Taste
Peaches January – March Sweet, juicy
Nectarines January – March Sweet, juicy
Avocados January – March Nutty, soft flesh
Figs March – April Plump, sweet and juicy
Mulberries February – March Sweet juicy
Blackberries February – March Sweet juicy
Lemons January Tart, zing and juicy